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Hey Baddie,

It's me Egle. Founder of the Very Bad Girls Club.


How have you been? Has life been a lot lately? Have you been pondering on that 'what if'?


I know the feeling!


When I used to work with my female clients in finance, fashion and fitness (yes I've been around), I would often hear them say 'I'm not feeling like myself today'. But the truth is, as women, we can't be the same every day as ever-changing fluctuations in our hormones influence everything from our skin elasticity to our cognitive ability. Yet, at work and at home, we are expected to show up the same every day. 

Learning how to adopt nutrition, fitness routines, social and work life to the natural cycles has been a game changer for me and for the women I have worked with.


My 'Powered by hormones' workshop is designed to help you find power in your body and help you live more in tune with its ever changing needs.

My mentorship program helps you integrate cyclical living into your every day, with added tools to help your journey. It is an 8 week transformational journey to help you align your body, your mind and your goals.


Click below or book a discovery call and together we will find your power.


Lots of love,

Egle xx


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