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Born out of necessity to embrace to bridge the gap between who we are and how we show up!

At the age of 32, I was exhausted, riddled with excruciating period pain due to a fast-growing uterine fibroid, in a job I didn’t enjoy and in a relationship that had run its course a long time ago.


‘What is wrong with me and how to get myself out of this rut?’


I was desperately looking for a blanket solution, but deep down I knew the answer wasn’t as simple as adding more greens to my diet.


Not knowing where to turn to, I first started addressing my health issues. After covering myself in books, research and podcasts, I realized how little women knew about their bodies. 


The female hormonal fluctuations which affect everything from our physiology to psychology were so different from men's and so extremely incompatible with the 9-5 hustle culture.


This gap between the intrinsically cyclical female nature and the linear society we find ourselves in, was a rocket fuel to dig deeper, find my true self and create Very Bad Girls Club. 


VBGC is a community rooted in authenticity, healing and sisterhood.


Through events, workshops and mentorship, we offer our members a variety of ways to get back with themselves, discussing important topics from nutrition to relationship struggles. We help women find their voice, get back with themselves and do it all in a supporting environment. 


Every single event is a celebration inspiring our members to own their paths, empowering them to move forward in confidence, and find allies along the way.


VBGC is not here to tell you how to live your life, but rather gently guide you back to yourself. Whether you choose to start your journey by learning about your cyclical nature or by joining one of our events, we are sure you will get closer to yourself in whatever way you choose.


As for my personal story… Fast-forward 3 years later, I no longer suffer from painful periods, my fibroid has stopped growing, I am surrounded by people that match my vibration and, best of all, I found my true calling, which is to help you live the most authentic life.


So much love xx



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